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Payentry Compliance Tools


Support For Evolving Compliance Needs

Keeping your business 100% compliant with all local, state, and federal guidelines can be overwhelming. Some business owners even give up and simply hope nothing goes bad. But even a small mistake can cost you, and a few mistakes can add up fast.

Affordable Care Act

ACA can seem daunting and difficult to deploy. Payentry has developed a powerful set of solutions to help you get through the employer shared responsibility portion of ACA, and to ensure that your setup goes smoothly. We make it easy to determine what options work best for you and simple to notify your employees of their changing rights and benefits.

  • Quickly Determine Plan Affordability
  • Learn If You Will Pay A Penalty, And What Amount
  • Track Everything You Need To Report For ACA Compliance
  • Let Payentry Complete and Submit All Forms Required To eFile

FLSA Overtime Laws

No one is quite sure when the FLSA overtime change will go into effect. But to be proactive, Payentry has developed an entire set of tools to help your transition go as smoothly as possible.

  • E-Alerts Updating You On FLSA Overtime Changes And Deadlines
  • 2-Minute HR Trainings On The New Rules
  • FLSA Changes: Decision Making Guide
  • FLSA Changes: Implementation Guide
  • Formal Reclassification Notification Letter
  • Guide To Calculating Overtime For Non-exempt Employees
  • Infographics
  • HR Casts

Regularly Updated Compliance Posters

Laws Change Constantly

Labor law postings can change at any time of the year, and it is the responsibility of the employer to stay up-to-date. Let us take the worry and work out of keeping your business compliant! Our Payentry labor law poster update service automatically keeps you up-to-date with notifications of changes affecting you. When a change occurs, we will make sure that your posters remain compliant.

Click below to review a list of State & Federal Labor Law Posting updates that have occurred since 2003.


State and federal law requires employers to post labor law notices in the workplace. These mandatory postings include the OSHA Posting, Federal Minimum Wage, FMLA, USERRA and various state specific notices. Failure to post mandatory labor law notices can result in hefty fines and lawsuits. We have made these state and federal notices available to you in a laminated all-in-one State & Federal Labor Law Poster, automatically updated as a subscription service.

The Labor Law Poster Package is free with Payentry!

  • State & Federal Labor Law Postings Meet All Mandatory Requirements
  • Attorney Approved At Time Of Purchase
  • Fully Laminated (front & back)
  • QR Code & Posting Legend For Easy Compliance Tracking

Payentry HR Answers

Compliance Support for Your HR Team

Every day, random compliance questions come up, and you don’t know where to turn. With Payentry HR answers, you can log in to our HR portal and get support for any compliance questions you may have. Now you don’t have to go it alone or worry about missing crucial changes in labor standards and regulations.

HR Answers is one of the most powerful components of the Payentry solution, providing you with with the skills of an entire HR team to make sure you remain in compliance with ordinances at every level.

  • Timely Notifications on Law Updates
  • Customizable Employee Handbooks
  • Pre-written Job Descriptions
  • New Hire Documents
  • Live HR support (optional)
  • Wealth of Educational Content

HR Answers Newsletter

Payentry clients love our HR Answers Newsletter, because it helps to eliminate unknowns. Our HR experts monitor compliance issues across all levels of government and make sure you learn about local and federal changes to employment law before they begin to affect you.

  • Local And National Regulatory Updates
  • Choose Multi-state Updates For As Many States As You Need
  • Advance Warnings On Changes That Affect You
  • Advice On Adapting To New Rules & Regulations
  • Timely eAlert Email Blasts When Major Changes Happen

Customizable Employee Handbooks

Cover Your Bases

An employee handbook is critical for any company, regardless of size. This legally-binding set of guidelines serves to protect both the employee and the employer and helps to prevent legal disputes between the two parties. You will also want to reserve your right to make policy changes going forward and protect yourself against litigation based on employee misconduct.

Payentry’s templates for employee handbooks have been developed for small and medium-sized businesses to protect you and your business from unforeseen legal trouble.

You Don’t Need To Re-write The Book

Because employee handbooks are a legal tool, they require a lot of legal knowledge to be effective. Instead of trying to get it right on your own, Payentry lets you fill out some simple details and generate a comprehensive document in a matter of minutes.

Payentry’s pre-written employee handbooks introduce new employees to your company values and act as an effective onboarding tool. They help you to clearly explain an employee’s job duties and expected conduct, as well as the rights of the employee. Other subjects may include dress code, compensation policies, the amount of sick time or paid time off available for employees, and additional employee benefits.

  • Create An Employee Handbook In Minutes
  • Legally Binding in All 50 States
  • Print Or Export To Word Or PDF In Seconds

Features our clients love

Simple & Easy Interface

Have complete control of Payroll through a simple and easy interface.

Expert Support

Utilize freely our USA-based support team as you need them.

Hiring & Onboarding

Use unmatched Hiring & Onboarding tools with simple payroll transition.

Automatic Tax Filing

Establish automatic payroll tax filing for local, state, and federal taxes.

Pre-Tax & After-Tax Benefits

Manage medical insurance, HSA, FSA, IRA, 401(k) and more.

Vacation & Sick Days

Establish time-off policies and manage employee usage.


Handle all employee reimbursements while managing payroll.

Salary, Hourly, Contractor

Work with any type of employee or 1099 contractor that your business supports.

Team Work

Work seamlessly with HR, accounting, bookkeeping, and more.