Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to access the Payentry Solution?

Most offerings in the marketplace today are not simple to access, operate or predictable when the CFO asks ‘How much does it cost?’

Payentry’s cost is simple – there are two fixed costs: one for the employer / per month and one for each per payroll eligible employee/per month. Simple and Predictable.

How do I initiate the Payentry Solution at my company?

Follow our 4 simple steps:

  1. Schedule a demo of Payentry,
  2. complete a Payentry contract,
  3. follow our EZ Implementation process, and then
  4. go live with the most innovative solution in the marketplace.

Where is my client services team located?

Right here in the Queen City – Charlotte, North Carolina!

How do I activate ESS for an employee?

1. Navigate to Employee Information > [Name of Employee] > Miscellaneous tab.

2. Add the employee email address in the “E-mail” field provided.

3. Select “Save Changes” at the bottom of the web page.

4. In the screen that appears, select the access level of “Full”.

5. Click OK.

How can I manage employee access for Payentry ESS?

On the Miscellaneous tab, there are several buttons that appear for you to maintain your employee’s accounts:

Lock/Unlock: Toggles between locking an employee’s account and unlocking it.

Enable/Disable: Enables or disables an employee’s account in Payentry ESS.
If the account is disabled, red DISABLED text displays instead of the green ACTIVE text displayed.

Change Access: Changes the employee’s access to Payentry ESS.
The options are:
Full—Employee is an active employee and has access to all Payentry ESS features enabled for the company.
Limited—Employee has been terminated and can only access certain information for the last year they were employed.

Activate: Activates the Payentry ESS portal for the employee.
If the box is grayed out (as shown above), they have already activated their account.

Reset: Unlinks you employee from your company.
Your employees will be emailed a new link code and will have to enter it in before they can log into their accounts. This does NOT reset the password or username.*

View Notes: Displays any notes that were entered on the Payentry ESS Portal Dialog Box and allows you to enter additional notes.
These notes are informational only.

*Please note that you cannot reset passwords or usernames for your employees. Employees may reset it on

How do I enroll in Payentry ESS?

1. Locate the welcome email in your inbox from [email protected].
If you have not received this email, Please reach out to your employer.

2. Type in in your web browser.

3. Select “I don’t have an Account.”

4. Complete the registration form on the page.
The link code is in the email you received and is unique to you. The ZIP code has to match the ZIP code on your employer’s file.

5. Click Register.
You will receive two emails: one to confirm your email address, and one with an activation code for your company (if you did not receive these emails, check your junk folder).

6. Click the link in the first email to confirm your email address.

7. Once confirmed, log in with your username and password.

8. On the next screen, select 4 security questions and their answers.
NOTE: Answers must be at least 5 characters long.

9. For your security, you will be asked to complete Two-Factor Authentication.
Use a cellphone, land line, or application on your phone to complete these steps. Once you receive the code, type it in to the field provided (codes expire within one minute).

10. When the main menu appears, locate your company, and click the Activate button.

**Do not enter the link code in this bow. This is for adding a new company to your account

11. A new page displays where you input the activation code you received after Step 5.