Payroll Services

Manage Everything In One Place

Payentry not only saves you time and money, but will introduce your team to new and empowering services related to your payroll. Paperless Pay, Hiring and Onboarding, Employee Tax Credit Identification, and even the ability to establish and manage Retirement Plans right from your payroll platform are just a few of the cost saving opportunities our system has to offer. Payentry is an all-in-one payroll solution for any size business.


  Intuitive Payroll Processing Workflow
  Unlimited Direct Deposits
  Online Report Access
  Unlimited Custom Reports
  Year-end Tax Reporting
  Local, State, and Federal Withholdings

Payentry Card

Out With Paper Checks!

The Payentry Card takes paperless payroll processing to the next level. It’s easy to set up, eliminates the costs associated with issuing physical checks, and gives your employees added convenience and control.

Power Your Paycheck
What is the true cost and risk of a paper check? The Payentry Card eliminates the time, cost, and risk of issuing physical checks. Plus, the Payentry Card gives your non-banked employees the convenience of direct deposit and online finance management.

  One-click Activation

  Easier Than Direct Deposit

  Powered by Visa – Accepted Anywhere Visa Is Accepted

  Online Portal Lets Employees View Balance and Transfer Money

  Withdraw Cash at Thousands of In-Network ATMs

The Payentry Card is a great way to avoid sending out paper checks. This is a superior alternative for paying employees!”

Support for Evolving Compliance Needs

Keeping your business 100% compliant with all local, state, and federal guidelines can be overwhelming. Small mistakes can add up and having access to a comprehensive solution that keeps you in check is a big help in avoiding costly errors.

Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act can seem daunting and difficult to deploy. Payentry has developed a powerful set of solutions to help you tackle your responsibilities as an employer. We make it easy to determine the options that work best for you and we provide a simple way for you to notify your employees of their changing rights and benefits.

  Quickly determine plan affordability

  Learn if you will pay a penalty, and what amount

  Track everything you need to report for ACA compliance

  The system handles the creation and submission of required e-file forms

FLSA Overtime Laws

No one is quite sure when the FLSA overtime change will go into effect. But to be proactive, Payentry has developed an entire set of tools to help your transition go as smoothly as possible.

  E-Alerts updating you on FLSA overtime changes and deadlines

  2-minute HR trainings on the new rules

  FLSA changes: decision making guide

  FLSA changes: implementation guide

  Formal reclassification notification letter

  Guide to calculating overtime for non-exempt employees

Seamless Time Management

From our Timekeeping Portal you can manage timecard approvals, time entries, assigned schedules, and view detailed, customizable reports with real-time attendance data.

Plus, with Payentry’s integrated time-off features, there’s no more trying to reconcile time off requests with scheduling. With a few clicks you can approve requests for time-off, track different categories of time-off, see historical data for an employee, and more.

  Powerful Time Management Dashboard

  View and Manage Employee Information and Time Entries In One Place

  Easily Track and Manage Time-off: Vacation Time, Sick Time, and PTO

  Mobile Access and Intuitive Interfaces

In two clicks, I can send my employees’ hours directly into the payroll system. It’s great that I don’t have to import a file anymore.”